Daniel Mullins

​Peter O'Brien served as a lawyer in Ireland between 1891 and 1900. This is his story.
Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 52
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Submission for Ludum Dare 47: "Stuck in a loop"
This is the most important haul of your life. 1st place entry in Ludum Dare 46.
You find yourself in a dimly lit log cabin in the middle of the woods. You are starving to death.
Card Game
Entry for Ludum Dare 38, "A Small World".
Entry for Ludum Dare 37, "One Room".
A game where your ammunition is your enemy. Entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.
My entry for Ludum Dare 35, "Shapeshift". Won 2nd place for Overall, Fun, and Mood!
Entry for Public Domain Jam 3, "Unscripted". Shakespearian Mad Libs!
1st place winner of The Public Domain Jam 2
Won the $2,120 prize for best game in the 'Simulation' genre in the Indie Game Making Contest 2015
1st place winner of The Public Domain Jam
Experimental narrative puzzler for Ludum Dare 31. Find the full 2.5 hour experience on Steam!
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Participate in Japan's top rated game show: You Only Get 1!
For Ludum Dare 32, "An Unconventional Weapon"
An innocent ice-fishing expedition turns sinister.