A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

All art assets and code were created by me during the 48 hour game jam. Audio was created with BFXR and WolframTunes.

Here is a link to the Ludum Dare submission page:


Pogo Dojo is 2D radical sports game. The sport is stomping on shadow creatures with your pogo-katana.


Controls are provided in game but are also listed as follows:

A,D - Move left and right

W - Jump

Spacebar - Slash

Down Arrow - Pogo

Other arrows - Do tricks while Pogo'ing


Your score increases when you are in the air. You get 100 points for killing a monster.

Your multiplier increases by 0.5 if you do a "stale" trick (same one in succession), by 1 if you do a new trick, and by 2 if you perform an "Aerial" (slashing an enemy while in the air).


Pogo Dojo (Windows) 12 MB
Pogo Dojo (OSX) 14 MB
Pogo Dojo (Linux) 24 MB

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