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All art assets and code were created by me during the 48 hour game jam. Audio was created with BFXR and WolframTunes.

Here is a link to the Ludum Dare submission page:


Pogo Dojo is 2D radical sports game. The sport is stomping on shadow creatures with your pogo-katana.


Controls are provided in game but are also listed as follows:

A,D - Move left and right

W - Jump

Spacebar - Slash

Down Arrow - Pogo

Other arrows - Do tricks while Pogo'ing


Your score increases when you are in the air. You get 100 points for killing a monster.

Your multiplier increases by 0.5 if you do a "stale" trick (same one in succession), by 1 if you do a new trick, and by 2 if you perform an "Aerial" (slashing an enemy while in the air).