A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in a dimly lit log cabin in the middle of the woods. You are starving to death. The stranger who resides there tells you that he will feed you if you defeat him in a game of cards.

Sacrifices Must Be Made is a game created for Ludum Dare 43. I produced the game code, art, and audio in 48 hours. Here's the Ludum Dare entry page!

The game should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. There is an ending so hang in there!


  • Mouse - Move Cursor and Click
  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Shift Camera View
  • SHIFT+R - Reset Level

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • PixaTool
  • Audacity
  • Garage Band
  • My shitty microphone for recording sound!

Fonts Used


Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 20 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 24 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 27 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Original Game Jam) 18 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Original Game Jam) 23 MB

Development log


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Great atmosphere!  I love all the sounds of the game and once I got the hang of how it worked it was really fun to play!  I would really love to see more of this from you in the future!  

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Slight Spoilers: I've played this game a few times through now, haven't sacrificed anything with the knife. Won twice, chose different options each time.

INCREDIBLE atmosphere! Sfx for the other guy gave me chills. I haven't felt so immersed in a video game in ages. Please expand on this, I'd love to know more about what's going on, or even just more cardplay! Bless you for this short, yet intriging game.

well, now I'm hungry

Absolutely chilling atmosphere with legitimately fun card gameplay. I'll be coming back to this one to test out the cards I didn't use (never did play the Elk), once I get over the ending.


At first, when given the opportunity I went ahead and clicked the knife to tip the scales. I bid an eye, and half of the screen was plunged into darkness. I lost, full of regret and after softly saying "oh no, oh no" about a dozen times. Apparently you can lose a hand as well, so I guess that's something to look forward to in a later play. Awful.

Really fun game! I thought of a fan card too.

The Sly Fox

1 sacrifice required to play. 0 damage, 4 HP. And it cannot take more than 1 damage from a single attack.

Wait, was the game really that hard? Cause i beat it without sacrificing anything. Really fun game tho, wish it was longer. The creepy atmoshpere was really nice as well. The game really needs a menu that lets you restart, becasue i didn't realise you lose half your screen the first time and clicked it even tho i didn't need to do so. Also a play again button after you finish would be great.

Shift+R restarts

That third level was hard.  Actually think that it might be strategically better to chop your hand off when you're winning rather than when you're losing, lol.

Basically, this is what Hand of Fate should have been.  Please expand on this.

i suck so i can't beat it, but great game!!


Fantastic atmosphere. Loved it.

Fantastic wee game filled with mystery, atmosphere and great story telling. Absolutely loved how easy it was to pick up, learn, and play. Visually appealing, my favourite card to play was the Cat; a great nod to their many lives. Also absolutely loved the sacrifice I got to make. Beautiful work.

I also saw Vinny play this. It's a cool little game, but there's so much juicy potential here for a bigger game. The card game aspect of it is cool and neat and easy to pick up, while the sacrifice aspect adds an interesting layer of morbid strategy. And the narrative layer is perfect, you're trying to figure out who you are, who the stranger is... it adds a lot to the game. I'd love to see more of it.


Watched Vinny Vinesauce play this, and I wanna drill my head open now. He is TERRIBLE AT MATH AND LOGIC!

nice lil yugioh/pokemon hybrid you got going here, looking forward to fture developments

You too, huh! Man, I wonder how much people Vinny will attract to this game. I was really impressed by it played. Simple but entertaining.

I would say it has a bit of Hearthstone elements in there, too


Awesome game!


I'd love to see the mechanics of this expanded on. It would be interesting if you were able to choose which body parts to sacrifice, and having a wider variety of body parts to sacrifice. I'd definitely purchase this if it came to Steam with a few hours of content.

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Geart game but short, I hope that you will expand this game.

I feel like this game is about how human had destory the life of wild animal, and I as a human play as animal while to opponent (forest spirit?) play as Human.

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Your game was fun to play and quite a challenge too. Simply awesome!
The sfx when the creep talked freaked me out

I know there's very little chance of this getting expanded, but I love the concept of sacrifice for an advantage. The only downside is that I think you'd have to force the player to start all over to make the sacrifice appealing.

I WISH THIS HAD HOURS OF GAMEPLAY! Definitely my most favorite indie card game. The gameplay is simple, easy to understand, but is backed with a TERRIFYING, UNSETTLING UNDERCURRENT. I wish there was lore explored behind everything going on here. Also wish these were real cards, because I would collect every single one! The artwork has a sharp and menacing look that adds to the atmosphere, and THAT FREAKING ENDING threw me off so hard! Thanks for creating this game!

I'm proud that I only died once! It's a really cool game, and I'll probably play through it a second time to see the cards that I didn't see in the first one. I also want to see the second ending.

I'd love to see this idea expanded upon. I'd legit pay for a sequel/longer version of this with even more cards and story. I play some MtG every now and then and in that game I find black to be one of the more interesting colours, so I love that this game is basically just that even though it's pretty different.

I freakin' LOVED this game!
Really fun and easy to play once you know how to play, def took me a few tries to understand fully though haha

It's like a dark souls game but with cards...but also modded to always lose

my game gets stuck on "the squirrel is a shrewd creature but weak"




Seems good, the problem is that the AI seem to consistently have better cards than you. Even if you play your cards perfectly, you'll still lose a lot of the time.


I really enjoyed this, good card game mechanics with a cool little story to go along with it.  It's a little restricted at the moment, but I'd love to just play the card game separate, dueling an npc opponent, or even friends, with a full deck of all the different cards.  But either way it's a fun little game as is, nice work.  This is the first game in the video.  



This game has awesome potential! I have beat it 4 times now and I can't get enough of it's awesome mechanics. I like seeing my opponent's oddly eyes and the health system was nice with a little twisting mechanic. Everything was amazing in this little game. Great job!


I agree, the health machanic in this game was very unique. It makes the game a nice refreshing experience compared to other card games.

There are so many layers to this - it's like a clever card game within a tense movie scene within a surreal dream. At my age it's rare for a game experience to feel completely new, but this does. I would have given money for this if I could.

It was a little frustrating that when offered the 'choice' at the end, there was still a knife within reach. Methinks there was a third choice!

What a game. There is a glitch with the Warren that many other people have talked about, but if you took that out and developed the game a little more this could be an amazing PvP card game.

This was a really great game. I would love to be able to play a longer version of this game. Such as a tournament mode or something like that. I did however find a glitch with the warren card being able to give me unlimeted bunnies. Other then that well done!!

found a glitch where if u use the warren and dont place the card down, it will still give you 2 rabbits. You can do this over and over.

nice game but it would be cool if there was an endless mode or something like that

Simple little game that take a slight bit more strategy than I few thought. The concept is neat an if made into a full game and longer sotry it woul be fantastic I think.This was the third game I played.


Loved the game, atmosphere, everything about it, hope you expand on it more. 


Awesome game with great atmosphere for such a simple concept! I also found that bug other people are talking about when the warren gives the player infinite bunnies. I used it to beat the last round with one turn, haha


Found a bug, if you select the warren but then right click out of it you still get 2 rabbits.


I love this game, and id love it even more if you made an endless mode where you can edit your deck and stuff like that

you are right!!!


Awesome game, i really love the card aspect and how it relates to the overall story, great job!


i think i found a bug with the rabbits card that gives almost infinite bunnies! 



Loved it. Aside from the amazingly creepy atmosphere and story, the card game itself is really cool! Was wondering if the sacrificing mechanic was inspired by a different game or did you invent it yourself? Would love to play around with that more.


i've got big pleasure to play this game, really card good game and horror [FR]

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