A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in a dimly lit log cabin in the middle of the woods. You are starving to death. The stranger who resides there tells you that he will feed you if you defeat him in a game of cards.

Sacrifices Must Be Made is a game created for Ludum Dare 43. I produced the game code, art, and audio in 48 hours. Here's the Ludum Dare entry page!

The game should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. There is an ending so hang in there!


  • Mouse - Move Cursor and Click
  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Shift Camera View
  • SHIFT+R - Reset Level

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • PixaTool
  • Audacity
  • Garage Band
  • My shitty microphone for recording sound!

Fonts Used

Spanish localization by Luis Redin (@luis_redin)
Italian localization by Marcello Brancaccio (@marcebra)

PS. This game was the basis for the next large-scale Daniel Mullins game, Inscryption! Currently in development.


Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 20 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 24 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Improved Post Jam) 27 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Spanish) 20 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Spanish) 24 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Spanish) 27 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Italian) 21 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Italian) 25 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Italian) 28 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Original Game Jam) 20 MB
Sacrifices Must Be Made (Original Game Jam) 23 MB

Development log


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Can't run it on mac. Says I don't have permission to open it.

Very atmospheric. I would have preferred if Inscryption was entirely this, to be honest.

Hey, this was really fun

Hey there! I played both. This game firstly a few months ago, then I played Inscryption a few weeks ago. I'm so happy for you and for this project! This is brilliant!

This game was awesome!!!! And it only succeeded in making me wanna play Inscrytion even more!!!! I just gotta get a better comp to run it first, so it might be a while.

But for now, here is my play through of this game, in case anyone is interested!!!

The best game that I have ever played. It started with cards but far beyond that.

Cool idea, nice art, 6.5/10

(4 edits) (-4)

I hated inscryption because that ending was just anti-fun. I bought the game thinking I could get good simple runs with endless replayability (act 1). The fact that the whole game (everything after act 1) was a linier "story-mode" rather than it being "run-based" killed it for me. Maybe this earlier build is what I was looking for. I just wish the whole game was just more of the gameplay loop we got in act one. I personally don't play games to feel hurt, I play them because I wanna feel satisfied in my fake accomplishments in a meaningless computer world. Don't get me wrong, I love and respected what it did. . . but that REALLY shouldn't have been "all" that it was if you are going to call it a rogue-like. The game desperately needed post-game content to support having "runs" rather than just "play-throughs". 

That being said, I really hope inscryption gets DLC that adds an endless mode WITHOUT checkpoints that causes you to restart from the start after losing (maybe with randomized dungeons and you get to choose which act you wish to theme it off of for how the game plays), but for now, I'll settle for this, for however little extra it may be.

I actually came here from Inscryption, glad I found out about this. It's great!


I absolutely loved this and now I'm have a great time with Inscryption, which is totally my game of the year. I'm a fan boy. Great work!

I played the Improved Game Jam, though I didn't notice any differences with the earlier version. I guess it must be more subtle changes like sound or colors?

It's really great that you're releasing a similar game that is more developped! I really enjoyed this one so I will be looking forward to it. 


I like it.  Very cool.  If you implemented mouse wheel for moving forward and back, you might not even need the keyboard controls.

Il gioco si presenta come un ottimo gioco di carte, dalle meccaniche semplici, ma molto divertenti. L'ambientazione è molto suggestiva, anche se pecca di varietà,  solo il fatto che, il giocatore, non può girare la testa, rende dopo un po' la partita "claustrofobica" e purtroppo, ciò va a pesare notevolmente sulla componente horror del gioco. Nonostante ciò "Sacrifices Must Be Made", è un valente titolo, soprattutto per il fatto che è stato sviluppato in 48H e sicuramente ha tutto il mio rispetto, per l'ottima e credo unica, localizzazione in italiano su "itch.io".



loved it! 

great concept and atmosphere

a shame that you cant see anything past the "lest eat" even if you choose to eat the child and not yourself, but everything bout the game was great!


Great atmosphere, cant wait for the full release!


THIS WAS GREAT! I adore the atmosphere and the cards! I cannot wait for Inscryption, the full release.


I'll play this again from time to time just for the card game. And I was really spooked when it closed.


I loved this game, so fun and unique and ominous! I actually became really invested in the cards, so at times I almost forgot I was playing against a forest demon and was like "damn, nice move friend! Oh wait..."

this game was good but I hope the game comes out soon.


I found an interesting glitch; when you beat a level and get to the part where you choose another card, if you press shift+R before choosing a card it will not restart the last level, instead it will send you to the next level without either of the cards that you were supposed to choose. You can do that for both times you get to choose cards, so that means playing the game without beehive/warren or elk/adder, and also no cats for some reason. I don't expect you to fix this or anything, I just thought it was interesting, and it made it more challenging to beat the game.

I can't play this. I downloaded the game onto my MacBook, and when I tried to open it, it said that I don't have permission to open the application. I own the MacBook, I checked the permission settings on it already but it hasn't worked. I looked up the problem and it said either to contact an administrator of the Mac or the owner of the file/folder, which I assume is whoever made it. Is the game just incompatible with the OS version I have? (Big Sur, 11.3.1)

Nevermind! I got it to work using a guide from a different game that had the same problem. Something about going into the terminal and executing a certain file from the package contents


are there any card games like this?? the card game itself is so fun


so wait, why am i playing a game of death cards with this guy just to go to a length i could go to anyways without being confronted with a knife?


Loved this! Super well done, very creepy atmosphere. Glad we never got to see the baddie...

(1 edit)

Wishlisted the full version, incredible atmosphere


This was a fucking awesome experience.


Well then. If I play cards with a man who wants my eyeball and hand, I might as well eat an eyeball and a hand. Anyway this was a really fun game and I really liked when I got to eat a child

How to install this game on Ubuntu 20.04?


What a great game and unique style! We really need to see more of this. I’m a big fan of the ambience and art direction. Gameplay has an addictive quality to it. I like thinking in my games. My only criticism is the lack of any real endings. I don’t need anything fancy, but it would’ve felt more complete. I understand the time crunches that come with game jams, and honestly, the game itself is so good it hardly matters. Very well done! 

I really need a full version!


I want to play a full version!

Really fun concept with a great atmosphere. Looking forward to Incryption!

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?


Now I wish for an endless card game mode :D


You're not you when you're hungry. ;)


That was brilliant 😂

It's a really good game. I play it some times and still surprise me.  Look at this!



How the hell did that happen?

fun, full game? Horror where you get food by fighting and slowly you have enough food to survive and scavenge in the wilderness and find out why you've woken up in this strange place?

He's working on a full-scale version of the game, currently in-dev. Look in description :v



We got Gollum acting tough behind the scenes and we can eat babies at the the end?

I fucks with it.

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