Inscryption - RELEASED!

Strange to think that this huge 3 year project started here. I was just getting back into Magic: The Gathering when Ludum Dare came along so I thought I'd make a card game. The theme was "Sacrifices Must Be Made" so I thought it would be cool if you had to sacrifice body parts as well as cards. Throw in some spooky eyes, add in some atmospheric noises, and call it a weekend.

I was proud of my entry but I was still surprised by how much it resonated with people. I didn't need much of a push to make a card game so off I went. And this is what 3 years of hard work turned it into:

To those who played the jam version, thanks for sticking around! I hope you like Inscryption :)

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It's on my wishlist! I'm just curious as to why you don't release the full games here? I have issues with GOG, Steam and Itch, so tend to switch between them throughout the year.

Loved the original jam game, thrilled to have purchased the full release, can't wait to start playing it.

Also, WORLD CLASS demo you released for the game. Well done!


Inscryption just came out today and it's already one of my favourite games. I remember that I saw a youtuber playing the demo, and thought "wait... haven't I seen this before?" and instantly remembered Sacrifices Must Be Made! It was such a memorable little game and to see it grow like this is amazing.