Inscryption - Trailer out now!

Some months ago I first announced Inscryption. Now, as I approach the release date in 2021, I have prepared what I may say is a pretty sweet trailer. Enjoy!

It's also now available to wishlist on Steam.

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I had played Sacrifices Must Be Made over and over again because I liked it so much and I wished there was more to it. I will somewhat miss the old art style for some of the animals, I liked the thick outlines and lack of small details, but I cannot wait for this to come out so I can play and see all the new things that have been added.

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Excellent,Can't wait,Pony island is a classic.


I've played Sacrifices Must Be Made a countless number of times, and I cant wait for Inscryption! It's going straight to the top of my steam wishlist and I'll following it with bated breath!

I was interested in this game BEFORE I found out you made Pony Island. Now it is mandatory.

I'll also be that sub-human degenerate who would love to play it on Switch.