A downloadable game for Windows and macOS



This our submission for The Public Domain Jam! The theme for the jam is "Paper" and a public domain story must be used in some way. More details on the jam here: http://itch.io/jam/the-public-domain-jam

All graphics, audio, music and high level code were created by our team in the week!


We designed the game in way that the controls and mechanics should be self-evident. If they are not:

- WASD to move and jump

- Police Officers will pursue Hyde and ignore Jekyll

- Thugs will pursue Jekyll and are afraid of Hyde

*** If you somehow get stuck you may use the "R" key to reset at the nearest checkpoint


Stephen Corlett - Programming

Brendan Walsh - Music and Sound

Daniel Mullins - Graphics and Programming

Alexander Burden - Level Design and Being a Lark


- all audio (music and sound effects), graphics and high level code were created by our team

- The two fonts used , Franchise and EB Garamond, are CC0

- Unity3D is allowed by the rules of the game jam


Paper Jekyll (Windows).zip 38 MB
Paper Jekyll (OSX).zip 40 MB


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On level 3 I get onto the high ground and get away from the cop AND the thug but I die 1 foot away from them. 

I definitely had issues inside of the building with multiple levels and would die randomly too...but I did beat this one instead of incantation which it feels truly is impossible to beat on level 3 like you said. lol