A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


This is our submission for The Public Domain Jam 3! The theme for the jam is "Unscripted" and a public domain story must be used in some way. More details on the jam here: http://itch.io/jam/the-public-domain-jam-3

All graphics, audio, music and high level code were created by our team in the 10 days of the jam.


- Click and drag word scraps onto a inked-out phrase to fill in the blanks

- Play to the crowd; give them what they ask for at the top of the screen


Stephen Corlett - Code

Josh Mehlenbacher - Code

Brendan Walsh - Music and Sound

Daniel Mullins - Art, Code


- all audio (music and sound effects), graphics and high level code were created by our team

- Unity3D is allowed by the rules of the game jam


MacRomeoAndJulius_Windows.zip 22 MB
MacRomeoAndJulius_Mac.zip 25 MB


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Played it! had alot of fun! reminded me of high school drama XD

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Cool game! Too bad nothing happens when you try to lose =( But who would want to lose when they can make such a hilarious stories? xD

Here's my let's play if you want to check it out x)

Butchered me some Shakespeare! Weird game bro!

I do not know how to play game...


This is a very [______] game!

[ambitious] [Canadian] [silly] [luxurious] [normal]