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Make a android Ver pls

Yes plz


that is a question how do we get into the game


I wish it was on iOS and android


how do i get in the game


how do u get on


this took forever to download there’s so much files and folders but I named my lil baby Emma


i cried when i gave a skeleton a holiday...


Where can I buy a new BitBuddy

You can’t buy it it’s just a thing in the story

I loveit my typu od gamę 


you better create a full version

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i love this game but its also sad at the same time.  

but i really enjoy this game. thx for making this 😁


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you can hack into files and find death and also i cant play because some kind of windows smartscreen protected my laptop and also im on windows and one last thing i can delete but i cant find it

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you have to click "more information" and then press proceed or accept or whatever its called

(when the windows smartscreen shows up)


where is the complet version


it will not work for me ???? were is the play button ????






So if I do not play this...does my BitBuddy survive? 

Since it is a fictional creature, that means that I can clone it into my own mind resulting in said clone being able to live happily in my mind.

So if I do not ever bring it into existence...I don't have to clone it in the first place. It can be completely whole, the complete same being, and live 100% happy and alive in my head with much to live for and a friend who very much loves it.


whole other level of Schrödinger's cat

I thought there were multiple I just killed mine off the start ;(((

fun but a little sad


A radical game :] of course I had to draw my lil baby 

are you able to play on chrome os? im not rlly a tech genius but most stuff doesnt work on chrome os, i think its only for windows? correct me if im wrong

you need a specific chromeos version for well anything that is not a mobile game and for this the only version is windows which also means you can play it on mac


I'm on Android and I want to claim one but I can't open the file!?

i think it's only a windows game


It's for Windows only...


I'll miss you BitBuddy...

So sorry

play so cool pls fnaf the bitbuddy

I'm on Mac please could you port to Mac

same im on mac


Have any way to revive my bit buddy?

There is a way but you will have to mess with the files

There should be a file named death just delete that


no problem

I can't open the file when I download it also is that is game only for a computer/laptop?

Same it's so wierd

Yeah I think it's only for windows

best game ever


my bitbuddy died :((((((

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f por ti

The moment I read what happened when you closed the window I did exactly what I saw.


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i have a question, why when i download and open the game the bitbuddy is dead? like, i didn't play this game. its my first time playing it.and when i redownload it and reopen the game the bitbuddy is still dead.

so you gotta type regedit into your windows searchbar and then press HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then SOFTWARE, then find the FunTech and press it, then go into the bitbuddy folder and delete the death file, then redownload the game, and you got another bitbuddy!

This Game Was Truly Sad, I Loved This Game And Would Have Loved A Longer Game, Although Maybe It Was My Fault I Did Leave Him Unattended For A Week And When I Came Back My PC Was Shut >:( All Jokes Aside I Loved This Game And Would Really Love To See More <3            :>


this game made me cry :(

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This gonna kill my buddy if i quit. And my BitBiddy died.


surprisingly this works and your bitbuddy is no longer dead works more than once! Love this game and now you no longer get one chance!





can someone tell me why he has to die if we close the game


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It's just how the game works. The dev had to make some sort of twist to it for people to play it.

but yet i still dont know why bitbuddy has to live a short depressing and stressful life

can we get bitbuddy becoming uncanny???



it isn’t working on my iPad Pro


of corse not it clearly says WINDOWS under platforms


Someone please help how do I download it


Click the big button that says 'Download'. Go into your files and right click the file labeled 'Your FREE BitBuddy™'. Click 'Extract All'. Click the button at the bottom that says 'Extract'. Open the newly extracted file. Open the file inside. Click the file that says 'Your FREE BitBuddy™'. Congratulations, you just downloaded and opened the game!

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