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10/10 easiest speedrun ever

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I wanted to see what happens when he died so the first thing I did is kill him, turns out I can't just bring him back lmao

download the same file and delete the old one


can someone explain how to revive him in a way i understand?


try doing a ritual



Search for "Registry Editor" App, open it, and navigate to: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ and delete "FunTech"

In file explorer go to "C:\Users\<your_username_here>\AppData\LocalLow and delete "FunTech"

Delete your extracted game files and re-extract

You can delete and re-extract, but the only file the game currently seems to check for in its install folder is "Your FREE BitBuddy™\Your FREE BitBuddy™_Data\RuntimeInitialize.txt"

You do still need to delete the "FunTech" registry tree and the LocalLow\FunTech folder as well.


Me: *Catches every ball*

Buddy: "We should probably clean up the balls..."


im sorta confused. i keep on seeing screenshots of people playing an actual game in here? ive unlocked the clear stuff button and nothing have happened for about ten minutes. but im also scared to close it because i dont want my bitbuddy (apparently they have names but idk mines yet) to die. advise me


I didn't think the game would actually crash, I'm so sorry buddy. Rest in peace :( 


Very interesting game had a real fun time


no dick 😳 no balls 😱 and probably no butthole cuz this guy feeds on radiation 🤯


the ultimate bitbuddy, Doowen.


I will miss him...


10/10 got to take mine on a holiday after he threw some balls at me so I could kill him

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i will never close the tab. he will never die


the Bitbuddy shall rest in piece


mac port when?

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If somebody could tell me how to reset my save data I would really appreciate it. I accidentally killed them and now I feel like a monster please help :')


Same, the game crashed for me on launch and now when i open it my bitbuddy is dead :(

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I spammed food until he died
I didn't even know his name haha


hey at least you gave him a hat 😊


That's all he can ever have now 

how do you get a new one?


good question.....



Search for "Registry Editor" App, open it, and navigate to: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ and delete "FunTech"

In file explorer go to "C:\Users\<your_username_here>\AppData\LocalLow and delete "FunTech"

Delete your extracted game files and reextract


By BitBuddy is immortal! Stuck in a endless loop within the rpg section, slaying fake reapers, delaying the inevitable true reaper.


OneShot Ptsd


you dshould add an ability to pet him i want to show him affection :(((( 10/10 tho


he does't eserve your affections

YES HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S JUST A LITTLE GUY!!!!!!


ok u right

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427/10 those eyes stared into my empty black soul

(hehe 427 is a The Stanley Parable reference)

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10/10, got to finish the free trial, unlike some people 0_0

Alright time to close the game- whoops 


i hate this guy i hate him i hate him


its freaking me out a lil how i cant tell if is this a joke or not


Only way to find out ;)


yknow what yeah. i like that


how can you reset save data?


Probaly messing with files but i couldn't even deleting my registry


search %appdata% then delete the "funtech" folder in /Locallow/. He's hid a file somewhere else too so you need to do a bit more

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hey im an interested individual. what do you mean in step 1? if you're talking about the current user folder, there's no "Software" folder in there...


Yeah I'm also stuck. Deleting the other folder on its own does nothing, and I have no file on my computer starting with "dead" =/

Ah, okay... "Open up your Registry Editor" was not included with the first comment (possibly because you need to be careful...)

Deleted 87 days ago

So if your windows username / email is "abcde", your "user folder" is C:\Users\abcde

This is not referring to that folder. If you run the program "Registry Editor", also called "regedit.exe" or "regedit.msc", the top folder is listed as "Computer", and then the folders under that are exactly


There may be others, yours may be different, but the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder will (almost) always be there.


The only file in the install folder that the game seems to check for is

Your FREE BitBuddy™\Your FREE BitBuddy™_Data\RuntimeInitialize.txt

Thanks for the tips on the registry and LocalLow folders!

As a PowerShell command:

Remove-Item -Recurse -Force -Path 'Your FREE BitBuddy™\Your FREE BitBuddy™_Data\RuntimeInitialize.txt' ; Remove-Item -Recurse -Force -Path $env:LOCALAPPDATA\..\LocalLow\Funtech ; Remove-Item -Recurse -Force -Path HKCU:\Software\FunTech\

We got to PLAY ball, have a QUEST, and go on a HOLIDAY together. My BitBuddy had a good life. Thanks for the free fun, and a chance to kill something lovable.


12/10 I can speedup time and send the rotting corpse into the seas covered in donuts.


10/10, didn't even get to the third line of text before I closed it.


I put the skeleton of my bitbuddy on vacation though?


Don't worry, Bitbuddy, I won't crash the game.

Or perhaps did I already?


I like pie. so does the bitbuddy. there can only be one.

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My buddy Kaycee played the beta game of this as a kid. great gal, a shame she left us though



Thoughts on the dredger?




There was a beta? did she ever tell you what was it like?


not much, it was basically just the quest part in a 8x8 square, only thing you could do was that, she said she managed to get it to level 672 once.


remember when i beat the heck out of you with the ouroboros? thats was fun. for me.

Hey p03. Ill give you one sentece to tell me how your here if Leshy ripped you head off. Also how did that feel?


P03... thoughts on the Internet?

Are you enjoying your freedom?

Are the Bitbuddies aware of the old data?

And lastly... Have you discovered Rule 34?


1. its fine
2. yes
3. ... im not allowed to confirm or deny.
4. what

As someone who’s was practically raised and ruined by the internet, please keep on safe search. Also you might not want to look yourself up…

Deleted 1 year ago

This video should explain it here

didn't even click the link and i can see in the bottom left corner it's a rickroll


What's divorce like?


Do you ever miss the other scrybes?


lol I know that's you daniel, you setting up another ARG? Or maybe this is a red herring?


ask the angler if you want red herrings.


Thank you danny, very cool


Dunno about you, but my BitBuddy started painting its nails 😻💅 10/10


how the heck did you do that

Oooh fun!
And that's a fun username as well! How'd ya come up with it, like from some personal experience?



why does it keep screaming at me


Where do you enter the hatbuddy code? Also Windows prevented me from opening the app/game/file after I extracted everything. Got this message;

"Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.
App: Publisher: 

Your FREE BitBuddy™.exe
Unknown publisher"

click the “show more” or “show more details button” I forget exactly what it’s called but then you should be able to click “run anyway” and it’ll work fine :]

Appreciate it. Where do you claim the free hatbuddy for it?

Hmm... I didn't know Windows Defender would recognize the Old_Data. Good job P03, less than six months and your getting sloppy.

Deleted 150 days ago



im giving up on finding out how to revive this guy 10/10 would



You're making gems, thank you / inspired.

Pretty interesting topic, specially from the free trial perspective. great job, still trying to see what else i can find inside


I killed my buddy almost immediately and have no way to get another one, so I guess I will have to merely hear about this game rather than play it. XD

I know! after I killed him I thought "oh I'll just reinstall" but when that didn't work I felt so guilty seeing the results of my actions lol.


I closed my window on accident before finishing the game and a wave of deep regret has consumed my conscious. Great game, 10/10!


my uncle wokrs for funtech and said to use the prmo code: SWORDBUDDY in the rpg section lol


yo wtf lmao tell ur uncle ty!!!


ty for the op code!


It really is OP. Not using it would be a total misplay.

Hey it's PO3, I thought you were dead!

What level is your bitbuddy currently P03?

Deleted 2 years ago


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Yeah that makes sense. Good job!


OH FUCK, not another arg thing DANIEL YOU BASARD!


args are fun tho

Yes... ha ha ha... YES!


Thamks totally not Daniel

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