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can i rivive him??????:(

I might be able to help you do that.

how? My younger sister killed mine by accident :(


Bro got me drawin' fanart out here already sheeeeeesh

YES I plan on colouring in the Party Hat I'm not a heathen, I just don't know wether to colour him in green or leave him white as he was just before the end

ALSO yes it named itself KOODY if that wasn't obvious



how can i make it back to life?


i know im sad too


how do I fullscreen it though

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1. Right Click on the Your FREE BitBuddy™ icon in your taskbar

2. Right Click the text that says Your FREE BitBuddy™ that appears when you complete step 1. (above)

3. Left Click on Properties

4. In the Your FREE BitBuddy™ Properties menu that appears, navigate to the Shortcut Tab (you can do so by locating the tab labeled Shortcut and Left Clicking it)

5. Set the Run drop-down to Maximized, then Left Click the Apply Button located at the bottom right of the Your FREE BitBuddy™ Properties menu

6. Next time you open the game, it should be fullscreen! It works!


i fill the screen with food and it crash

It isnt a crash, i guess it's just there to make you regret not listening to it or something. I believe it has a counter for how many times you're allowed to click "Feed" before it decides you're done

i used autoclicker


my buddy stills dead until I download him again

I'd like to play this, but mine doesn't do anything no matter how long I leave the window open. The buddy will tell me they'll die if I close the window, but I don't get any options, they just stand there...

Deleted 302 days ago

fill it up with food till they give you the option to clear it up

Welp, I did terribly bad at the quest game :(
I kinda feel sorry for my buddy for that

noooo ma io pensavo che mi rimaneva vivo! o che era un falso kill.. ma è ealmente morto noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

im sad


Im so sad that Deeders died :(

Love you Deeders 💔😭




Game crashed after feeding it too much food. My cpu isn't so pathetic that it cant render hundreds of small 2D sprites, at least have the bitbuddy suffocate instead of blaming it on the program crashing


the crashing is a feature of the game. sorr

let's say every weird ludum dare Daniel would managed to make something pretty weird


Really Daniel...? xD

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At least the numbers did go up

how did you make the screen bigger


I'm pretty sure I used OBS :)

thanks but what is OBS?

Here ye go :)

if your on the raft he stays dead lol



my bitbuddy stays dead every time I open the game


Well, yeah, if you closed the game he dies, and he stays dead. He even warned you. Lmao


he is dead

i am sad


saw this by a video
and speedran comitting violence :)




it seems like mistakes were made...

let the guilt set in

Deleted 305 days ago
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At least this is pretty peaceful.


You what

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So it launched as a blank white square in the top left, first time it actually launched with display it was already dead, big shame I never even saw them.


Touchy game. 


goodbye manworth


how did you get this



leave the game open for some time, idk how much but ye, he'll say something about a holiday to hint this

Does he stay like that when you use the app again or he dies for real or opens his eyes and says that he dies for real if you are about to click quit?

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i had to say one last goodbye to my bitbuddy.

i put his body where he can rest, on a holiday


dude i almost cried when i pressed the quit button







I can't wait for browser releas

Needs to be a android release


it soo sad im crying :(


he died 😪😰😭😭😭😭

Deleted 298 days ago
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Typed in lionel.exe into the promo code box, never thought i'd have to hear that sound again outside of videos. That glitchy sound and it's associated image have been burned into my memory.

EDIT:Typing in Sado.exe does nothing, for now.


Ey hola una pregunta que pasa si lo escribes porque no quiero descargar el juego porque me da miedo que lo que pasa es lo que yo creo

PD: si me respondes por favor dilo con detalles


Ok si me dio miedo intente hacerlo y me aparecio el sonido de cuando se crashea la computadora inmediatamente lo mate y lo desinstale...


so i saw a twitter reply for one of daniel's tweets about bitbuddy and it said a bunch of promo codes, one of them was "lionel.exe" when i typed that it played a glitchy sound so that must be something, was there any lionel in the past games? sorry for my bad english


Lionel is mentioned multiple times in the Hex and is important part of the lore.




I like how a bunch of these accounts were made 1 hour after launch.

I really wonder who made them 🤔🤔🤔

Awesome game, you can really feel how sad he is that he knows his time alive is so very limited but tries to keep a smile through it all. I'll miss you buddy.

He now has his own little ball pit =>


anyone knows how to revive buddy? I'll try to dig thru my files and find what makes it think buddy is dead, but not sure if it will quite work


I use windows 10 and idk if this works on other people. It worked for me tho:

1. Delete the folder you unzipped (and everything in it).

2. Press Win + R and type in "regedit.exe" to open the Registry Editor. In the Registry Editor go to the file path: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\FunTech\Your FREE BitBuddy™" and delete the file "Dead_h2088734529"

3. In the windows explorer go to "C:\Users\*your name*\AppData\LocalLow\FunTech" and there delete the folder "Your FREE BitBuddy™"

4. Unzip the folder again and launch the game. The game should start again from the beginning.

Thanks, it worked

i cant find "AppData" anywhere, do you know why or a idea to try


You could try manually entering it in the bar or you could try pressing win + r and typing "%appdata%". This should bring you to roaming which is in AppData and by clicking on AppData on the bar on top you should be able to get there.


why did it not work

you are a savior 

you bring back lives


try doing the code HOLIDAY at the begining


The first time he was on holiday he was alone...

The second time I took him on holiday I was alone 😢

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