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i think a longer version of this (a free one) would be nice, im so sad it was only like 15 mins, i love this game

go multiplayer

he is funny

Will you make a longer version ? I thinks it's can be really fun to play an improved version of the Inscription's first chapter with more card an all


Finish Inscryption. Beating the game unlocks a bonus mode that's act 1 but it gets progressively more difficult and has more content.

Also, not for nothing, but the rest of Inscryption is also very good.


the fact this dude made inscription is so cool


Muchisimas gracias por el juego en español <3 



Bro i had to buy the steam game BUT ITS FREE HERE what a waste of money


this game is the precursor to inscryption,it has the same basic mechanics but is less polished and isnt as full as inscryption.

sacrifices must be made is only a small piece of the greater whole that the full inscryption became from this game.

ah thank you


Did you even play this?

Very good and fun especially the last hand

the ending is sad but the cards are cool,the knife was a good touch.



Never played this
Inscryption however was one of the best games I played this year

So Yeah, I'll give this a try


Definately playing this for a video

So this is the first section of inscryption? just different?


The description literally says that this was the prototype more or less for Inscryption

love the game bro ngl very well made and i like the concept ( card games lover )



Omfg what an ending and the hints throughout it all?! Happy i didn't give up when I got stuck but yeah!!

I got stuck at the beginning too lol


wow, just wow

nice free demo of inscryption. 4.5/5

I had no idea this started with a game jam. Love Inscryption and loved this.
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Its really impresive how much a game can do with just a few resources. The atmosphere is crazy and really creepy as intended. Thank you for this and for (of course) Inscryption.

I wish I could of got to the end! I felt extremely stuck so I gave up. One thing I'd like to mention about the game that could use improving. I felt as though there was a lack of audio in some areas and the areas that weren't lacking might have been a little too loud. But that is just my opinion. Loved the concept of the game but could not get to the end. 


I didn't realize this game was cleaned up and released so I'm gonna try the full thing!


good luck - the full game is effing awesome!


The trick on the last level is to cut off your hand when you're in a position to deal some damage. Took me a couple tries to figure that out.


pretty cool game


Even though it focused more in the atmosphere than in the strategy? 😏


the origin story


Oh boy, what a great game! Hope there isn't a huge ARG and a bunch of lore! That would make it one of the best games ever and I'd be obsessed with it! Phew! Good thing this game has none of those!

..Seriously though.. check out Inscryption, it's one of the best games out there

Sono stato in grado di far comparire numerosi scoiattoli senza bisogno di sacrificare la carta..premo sulla carta e punto sul tabellone quando torno sul mazzo appaiono 2 scoiattoli..credo si tratti di un bug

Ciao, si credo sia un bug teoricamente se scarichi la versione post jam dovrebbe risolversi.
Comunque scusa se ti infastidisco ma ti volevo dire che ho fatto un
video su questo gioco e mi farebbe molto piacere se gli andassi a dare un occhiata, se vuoi questo è il link: Link al video

lo guardo ora(con un Po di ritardo) grazie per aver risposto 

di niente.


This turned into one of THE BEST games ever made 


Hey there, sorry for begging but it would be great if you take a look at my
video of this game: Don't forget to activate the subtitles

Great card game, one of the best I ever played!!


so this is why game jams are important...


wow it's amazing to see where it all started


I think we are all now so happy this happened!
Fucking rockstar


when i try to play the game it  crashes and deletes the exe file. and when i tried to move it to my usb it says it needs permission from the administrator. help???


the ending is kinda dark and i love it.


man, the baby inscryption. i love daniels games, gotta keep working on them daniel!


*Inscryption Cub


My antivirus quarantined the post-jam Windows version. Is it just me?


It was just me. My antivirus hadn't been updated.


2022-01-14 PST.

Just to be clear, this has a different story from Inscryption. It is not a smaller version of it. It is a small game made for an indie jam using the same base. It is not a replacement for Inscryption, nor is it a demake of it. Sacrifices Must Be Made just is.

Sacrifices Must Be Made has good atmosphere, and makes you unsure of exactly what’s going on. I don’t know if being able to turn around would have helped - and I’m glad the designer chose not to add such a feature, since it would have been distracting and overwrought.

A similar problem that I had with another card game on, is that once you have the mechanics down, and know how to read the board state, you realize that you are smashing your face into a brick wall until the random number generator relents. And of course, seeing a path to victory in more difficult circumstances requires being okay to decent at card games. Fortunately for me, as a child, I played Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!!, and Duel Masters, and read strategy articles and forum posts.

Other players would not be so fortunate, and the game seems to acquiesce to that frustration in order to get the player to finish the story. Waiting for R.N.G. to be good is a weakness of most card games, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mentioned here, and ignores that other card games alleviate it.

The knife isn’t really effective at helping the player unless he can read the board state accurately, which can be difficult to do, it seems, even in the fully-developed Inscryption. This is because although the weight scale gives off a creepy vibe, which is good for a horror game, it is difficult to tell how much progress a player would have based on weight, or how the game calculates progress. How do you know how much is needed to win? The assumption is that you simply need a certain amount ahead in sum. This of course goes back to most people not being good at card games and the need for the game to let them keep going at the story.

I had few issues on my first run, and quite a few issues on my second run, and I think that comes down to which cards I chose. I don’t know what the designer’s intentions were, if there was supposed to be a right and wrong choice, but it was noticeably easier to beat fight the dude across the table with certain card picks. Because of these card picks, the game was harder, and thus easier to get into a bad position, after which the dude across the table offers the player the knife, which is difficult to figure out when the best time to use it will be, because the player can’t figure out the board state, because the scale is obfuscates the progress towards victory, and the computer player can make any card they want, and it is hard to believe you can win, and I think wanting to give up is a powerful feeling that the game COULD have taken advantage of, but chose not to in order to get players across the finish line, which ultimately leads to a feeling of being stuck, which is a feeling itself could have been used to help the game. Even if you were good at card games, it can be a frustrating position to be in. You can see why the developer added the stalemate check to Inscryption.

Of course, Inscryption also suffers less from some of these weaknesses, because Inscryption has a deeper card pool, alleviating the pressure off of the constrained beast supply in being able to handle any threat the opponent sends you.

I’m choosing to view the abruptness of the ending as an artistic and poetic constraint as opposed to a result of a time restriction or a developer’s shrug. I do this because I believe the game is a little stronger by not telling you “either” “ending” is the “good” one or the “bad” one – as if developers of those games will even tell you which is which, and sometimes will only tell you that a set of them are “bad.” Dwelling on the decision would have been a mistake, and I am glad the game relents.

Inscryption seems to have taken in some of these lessons, and provides a deeper game, so I’ll look into purchasing it when I get a stronger computer.

so we should download the 'post jam' version for the latest version, right?


The application “Sacrifices Must Be Made (OSX) 2” can’t be opened.

I'm not sure why as it isn't a Security or Permissions issue.

It is coded for Intel however it doesn't appear that Rosetta is pickup up to perform translation.

Daniel, please share with the Mac community a compatible version of Inscryption. I know many people who would purchase it if released in a heartbeat.


the ending is so dar

Olds will remember Sacrifices Must Be Made before Inscryption

I do

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