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I really enjoyed playing this


Picture this: the world is in turmoil, there are railroad pirates all around, and you're the only person who can deliver a life saving heart to our Llord; if managing all of this and your train sounds like fun, then this short game is for you!

This game delivers a nice 10-ish minute experience where you are a trainer conductor trying to transport a literal heart some cities over. The gameplay includes switching between keeping the heart beating, adding coal to your trains engine to keep it running, shooting railroad pirates as they, and occasionally tying your shoes (as we all must do from time to time; while this sounds overwhelming, each of these actions is done with one button, and the game itself doesn't feel too overwhelming when trying to juggle everything together. Add in a nice (yet strange) storyline and good sounds, and you find yourself with a short game that is as fun as it is weird.

Over two playthroughs, I couldn't find any bugs or situations of grief even when low on supplies. The key thing to remember is that all of the things you need to worry about have a forgiving amount of time before causing you to lose, so take deep breaths and do the most pressing things first.

All in all, this game's ending is strange, but the gameplay and build up leading to that finale is really enjoyable. You'll definitely get a laugh after all the tension, and sometimes, that can be a good thing.

My playthrough:


Is there a difference between the original and post-jam versions?


Perfect. No question.

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Really great experience, its a simple idea that really sucks you in and can quickly get out of hand if you are not paying attention


Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Stayin' alive. Staying alive. 

This is what happens when railworkers unionize.

Really great game. 

really nice game, it was really fun!

pretty noice!

I liked it!


A Very Stressful Journey!! Great Job!!!


so i was thinking, are some of the enemies scripted to always come? because it seems that even when i keep it fast there are still baddies

That's a really good game 

Mr. Game&Watch conoce a Daniel Mullins, el tema de "mantener vivo" el corazón y el motor casa a la perfección, todo eso añadido a una jugabilidad entretenida y una narrativa de fondo propia del autor.

este juego está hechizado.

Awesome. While the ending was pretty cool I think it symbolizes something deeper. 


Hey I mean just because they're old, doesn't mean they have trouble tying their shoes... Well I kinda have that problem too and I'm way younger.

thats kinda the point

collest game eve


is there a endig were the queen never dies or no?

yea its called "Game Over"

What a tasty morsel of a game.

Great mechanics, palette, and sprites gives a pretty solid immersion in one portion.


Loved it, it almost felt like a modern Game&Watch which is not a design style very many games go for but you made it feel so fresh and new!

I love it 10/10 would buy the full release game


I loved it! I liked how it created a sense of urgency with the atmosphere and not necessary with the mechanics. I also liked tripping over the shoe laces. 


This is amazing, especially the ending...


this is really good


had good fun worth playin



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Very cool idea, and i love the whole post-apocatiptic setup. I love the style and the pixel art, and the old man's story. Keeping the heart alive is a very good idea for the theme. I loved the minimal control scheme and the Mad Max like goons. The atmosphere was intense and maybe in the future you can add music to it. Best of luck!


full game when?

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nobody tell him


what the beep! WHO ARE YOU


Very cool!


This was a pretty fun game! I would appreciate it If you were to check out my video.


Good game, would like to see it expanded, as it's a bit too easy to get into a rhythm (and too short, which I mean in the best possible way). Beyond that, full screen mode would be nice, and PLEASE for the llove of llord, change the ear-piercing shoe-tying sound effect. The first time I heard it, I closed the game and had to think whether I even wanted to open it again.

Maybe I sounded too harsh, but it really is a fantastic idea and game.


i love it and i would play it again


I'm delighted to let you know that I featured your game again, this time in my Top 10 Games of the Week video! 


This game is amazing, i love the atmosphere and world it builds, the writing was neat and it was very tense. I would love for this to become a full game! <3


Great, great game. The art and gameplay is smooth as butter, and the concept and worldbuilding are masterful. I'd love a full game version of this! You should keep making games in this style.


FANTASTIC GAME! I loved playing this game, and I'm excited to have featured it in today's video! Good luck with the gamejam! 


I really enjoyed this! Great artwork, theme and atmosphere. I do agree with b16walla that I had a lot of coal left over, which meant some tension was lost. But I love the overall eeriness of it! Well done.

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