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Incantation is a 2D Puzzle Platformer that allows you to control the sun, creating shadows that your shadow-self can run and jump across. The game was created for Ludum Dare 30 "Connected Worlds". [LD30 Entry Page]

"Connected Worlds" is used mechanically as you switch back and forth between the solid world and the shadow world. The theme is also used to provide the setting and aesthetic; Spanish Europe and Incan Central America are two connected worlds.


Controls are provided in game but are also listed as follows:

Left Arrow - Move the sun left

Right Arrow - Move the sun right

A,D - Move The Incan left and right

W,S - Switch up and down between worlds

Space - Jump


Incantation (Windows) 16 MB


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I can't get passed level 3. I've been trying for an hour now and can't get passed the spikes.

Having the exact same issues and think it may be that you can't jump from the 2nd shadow across the spike gap. I actually hit the Spaniard one time and it restarted so it may be a coding issue as well. I'm a big fan of Daniel's games too so thanks for all of your comments on the other games. Can tell you appreciate his style of design.

I tried deleting the 3rd level thinking it was a trick from Daniel...just broke it instead. So still trying to figure out whats going on with this game.