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With each passing day the sickness gets worse, the air is poison, and each breath burns in my lungs. Getting up each day is becoming more and more difficult, moving fills me with pain, dull and throbbing deep in my bones, weighing me down. I know i will not live much longer, but none of that matters, all that matters are the plums, the plums hold the key, the plums will save us all 

I assume there is just one ending, yes? It does have a good bit potential.

very cool!!

Pretty good game. I feel like you could make it longer and make the story more but besides that, great job.


Despite this game's simplicity and short story I keep coming back to this game. It just sticks in my brain. I feel this game like the plum seeds our character grows, could become something, The setting, story and mechanics are there. They just need to be grown