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(spoiler) OMG I ONLY JUST GOT IT. 

The first game they used candy to lure
The second game You were running from the cops (also Pedobear)
The third game was obviously the kid

well im disturbed

Deleted 160 days ago

Curious, does it have multiple endings or just the one? The one was a hell of a trip but I suspect I missed something :)

want a part 2

-rep all pedophiles


gonna try this with my friend lmao


why are you like this


Oh holy shit, that's GRIM! Cool concept, well executed. Deeply creepy.

good game but i would like more endings!



It was convicted_melon4


Oh my


This was pretty scary at the end. It seemed like a chill game but then... Really good game.


are they rea


is there any more ending


Hello man

I liked this game but im asking something

It feels like u need to answer 1 certain answer and not choose like if u say something they dont react but stay to the previous qeustion can u make it that they will react to certain things but stay to the story?