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I feel like you could really expand this game if you worked on it. Hope you work on it some more. Like more events and more items.

is it possible for an in-browser version?

I got 26 points!

This game is pretty fun first 2 times you play it, but you can't play it for hours, even though i could play japanese gameshows for 4 hours a day. Since all of the items and tasks repeat. The characters (the japanese host), there is something about him that makes him interesting. Maybe because he is a grandpa, maybe because of his hat. I also scream "YOU ONLY GET ONE!" everytime it appears. 

The visal part is nice, but it looks a little like clipart. Like the phone and the garlic looks like something that will happen if you google "phone clipart". But looking at the host and the kid, i understand that it's original. So it's great.

Just add more tasks, (like 50 of them, it sounds impossible but this game would be REALLY fun after that). Because you can play it after that for long periods of time. And more items. I am looking forward for new updates of this game.